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Twelve Sky 2

Twelve Sky 2 is a free-to-play, martial arts-themed MMORPG from Alt1Aeria Games, and Mayn Games. The sequel to the original Twelve Sky and set in the same era of ancient China, the game continues the story and features the same three warring factions to choose from, with a new high-level fourth faction. Also new in the sequel is a system in which two factions can form a temporary alliance against another, opening up communication channels and allowing collaboration. Once again, PvP is a very big part of the game, with nine different modes and arenas, and Twelve Sky 2 also has PvE quests and combat based on martial arts moves and weapons.


  • Four Factions | Choose from the three original factions of Guanyin, Fujin, and Jinong, or join the new high-level Nangin faction.
  • Martial Arts Combat | Utilize a variety of authentic martial arts weapons and thousands of items, with a deep weapon and armor enchanting system.
  • Player vs. Player | Engage in multiple PvP modes, including battlegrounds, duels, faction battles, and more.
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Teamfight Tactics

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