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Hastega uses a very convenient account renewal system called Time Code. Time Code is a sequence of 16 digits, you can redeem code in the Hastega app on Windows or Mobile. It helps to renew the account’s service. Time Code has no expiration date, so once you have the code, you can use it at any time; you can share it with your friends or save it for later use at will.

If you buy code with a larger denomination, the more benefits you will receive, the more days you will receive. The payment and conversion rates are as follows (by Premium account):

  • $0.99 get a code for 5 days.
  • $2.49 get a code for 20 days.
  • $4.99 get a code for 50 days.
  • $9.99 get a code for 110 days.
  • $24.99 get a code for 330 days.
  • $49.99 get a code for 2 years (730 days).
  • $24.99 get block 10 code 30 days.

(*) The above is the standard conversion rate for the Premium account, if you are upgrading to a Professional account (see more information about Hastega account types here), when redeeming the code, the usage date will automatically be divided in half.

(*) You can convert data transfer easily with the remaining usage time of your account (Account tab in Hastega app). The current conversion rate is 1 day Premium equals 500 MB, if you are upgrading to Professional the data will automatically be doubled. Note that once converted to data transfer, it cannot be converted back to the date of use.

Please select the payment method that is easiest for you below:


Visit the link →

First, download our mobile app on the Google Play Store first: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

After installing the app, log in normally, then click on the cart icon to view the product list and proceed to checkout. After a successful transaction, the code will be sent to your email immediately, then you can renew it yourself in the mobile app or on the desktop app.


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