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Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth is a free-to-play MMORPG set on an Earth where the population has very nearly been wiped out from a rampant virus and nuclear war. The game takes place in and around the Grand Canyon (now known as Grand Canyon Province), one of only two known places on the planet where humans exist. Players take on the role of a neutral survivor amidst six competing factions, and may either choose to join a faction or remain neutral in order to persevere through the wild, mutated landscape of the game.

FE opts to follow a classless system, so players have more freedom with the skills they employ with their characters. The majority of the skills come by mutations, either from the Shiva Virus, or from nuclear radiation. Players will contend for resources through fighting a variety of foes, such as bandits, raider gangs, mutated critters, and the deadly environment itself.


  • Grand Canyon Province | FE uses 1,000 square kilometers of actual Grand Canyon terrain based on real-world topographical maps.
  • Factions | Players may stay neutral, or ally with The Children of the Apocalypse, Enforcers, Lightbearers, Techs, Travelers, or Vistas.
  • Skills | Nine available to learn: Armor, Athletics, Dodge, First Aid, Group Tactics, Melee, Pistol, Rifle, and Social.
  • Mutations | Three categories housing a total of ten available mutation paths: Augmentation (Enhancement, Telekinesis, Primal), Restoration (Telepathic, Nano-Manipulation, Empathy), Destruction (Thermal, Sonic, Suppression, Patho-Transmission).
  • Crafting | XP-rewarding real-time crafting system through combining tradeskills, knowledge, and components.
  • Blood Sport Matches (PvP) | Four arena-style PvP modes: Deathmatch, Survival, Assault and Capture the Flag.
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