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The Storm has come. The monsters have destroyed everything in their path. The world is in need of good commanders to help make a difference. Good commanders like YOU! Welcome to Fortnite – a free-to-play video game developed and published by Epic Games.

Fortnite features a battle royale gameplay and has evolved from Epic’s Fortnite: Save the World, a cooperative survival game with construction elements. Fortnite now follows the standard battle royale format: 100 players inside a giant arena. You can play it either on your own or in a squad of two to four players. Once a hundred players (or close to it) join a match, everyone boards the hot air balloon-propelled bus towards a large island. Pick your starting spot, then parachute down, steering your randomized, generic character to the ground. Players will start exploring the island weaponless. It’s your job to find weapons, shields, and other combat support features that are scattered at random locations.

The game is a race for the best vantage points and great gear, both of which heightens your chances of staying alive. The goal is to be the final player or team alive by eliminating or avoiding other players. If you think hiding is the key, well, you’re wrong. The game’s safe zone (represented by the eye of a storm that is ruining the world), becomes smaller, and players that are caught outside the region will take damage, potentially resulting in death. This way, players are forced to move and engage with each other. That’s the game: Keep moving, keep killing.

Fortnite also has an incredible building system. Almost all objects in the environment can be broken down and harvested for materials (wood, stone, and metal). You can use these materials to build reinforcements with varying endurance, such as floors, walls, roofs, and ramps, which can be used to help cross the map, protect yourself from gunfire, or slow down the progress of other players. Weaker reinforcements can be destroyed using a few hits but can be built quickly, while stronger reinforcements can withstand more punishment, but take longer to make.

This exciting PvP game is available to play for free. It also features in-app purchases for cosmetic items for the player such as characters, pickaxe and glider skins, back-wear, and emotes. Explore the world. Make hundreds of guns, swords, and things that go boom. Make indestructible forts. Skillfully decorate with sniper perches, jump pads, and poison gas traps. Take back the world. You know, the usual. And be sure to invite your friends.

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