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How to use Ping Analysis to find the best server

This is a very powerful feature of Hastega, it helps you find which server has the best ping for your network. The game’s IP address is actually detected at that time, making the analysis absolutely accurate. When you use the GPN feature, every time the game has a connection, the system will push the game’s

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How to bypass any application that will use GPN

If you don’t want an application to use the GPN gateway, use this feature (click the icon next to GPN mode), add its executable file name to the bypass list and save it. Each process is a row, case insensitive (Hastega will automatically return it to lowercase). The list will always have the highest priority,

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How to use Hastega GPN Advanced Custom Rules mode

Advanced Custom Rules is an advanced mode of GPN feature. With this mode, you have full control over which apps will use the GPN. You can independently specify which process will use which server, which port will use the GPN gateway, which port to ignore,… Any application has an executable file, if the executable you

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How to use Hastega VPN mode (Virtual Private Network)

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a popular feature that helps you quickly change your internet connection to optimize gaming, speed up web surfing,… Hastega is supporting VPN protocols: OpenVPN: is a very good and fast VPN protocol. In particular, it is supported with the Split Tunneling for Gaming feature to help you play the game

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How to use Advanced++ SoftEther VPN Gate module

This is an advanced module that helps you connect to VPN servers sponsored by the University of Tsukuba. Different from the limit of servers when using VPN Gate plugin, our feature has at least thousands of servers that are updated continuously and are easy to search or filter. Most importantly we have supported the premium

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How to use Hastega GPN Smart Automatic mode

Smart Automatic is the default GPN mode, Hastega has updated the database of more than 1000 games and applications today. The purpose is for users to use the service quickly and easily, you just need to choose this mode, turn on the switch to see the effect within a few seconds. After logging in to

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How to use Hastega VPN mode with Split Tunneling for Gaming

For a traditional VPN, when you connect successfully, all your internet connections will automatically go through the VPN gateway, which is very annoying if you use a VPN to play games. Split Tunneling for Gaming is a special technology developed by Hastega to enhance the experience when connecting to a VPN. When this feature is

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